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Rules associated with the Air

  • PP no 41 / 99 ----> Pengend pencemaran udara
  • Kepmen LH no 35 / 93 ---> Ambang batas emisi gas buang kendraan bermotor.
  • Kepmen no 13 / 95 ---> baku mutu emisi sumber tdk bergerak
  • Kepmen LH no 15 / 96 ---> Program langit biru
  • Kepmen LH no 48 / 96 ----> baku mutu tingkat kebisingan
  • Kepmen LH no 49 / 96 ----> baku mutu tingkat getaran
  • Kepmen LH no 50 / 96 ----> baku mutu tingkat kebauan
  • Kepmen LH no 45 / 97 ---> Indeks Standar Pencemaran Udara
  • Kepmen perindag no 110 / 98 ---> ozon depleting substance
  1. Ambient air quality standard (PP No 41 th 1999), set a national ambient air quality standard. The parameters it contains can be seen in Table 3.8.
  1. Raw emission quality, which limits the maximum load levels and or the maximum allowable emissions into or incorporated into the ambient air. Quality emissions are emissions that may be disposed of by an activity into the ambient air.
(a) The source did not move: the source of emissions remain at a place like forest fires, incinerators and industries (eg steel industry, cement, power plant etc.). The parameters tested were fog, H2SO4/SO3, NOx, CO, H2S, CH3SH, NH 3, chlorine, HCl, HF, Pb, acid gases, Zn, Cd, Hg, As, radio nuclides, smoke. LH regulated in Decree No. 13/1995.
(b) Sources moves: sources of emissions that moves or does not remain in one place. Regulated within the Law No. 14/1992 about traffic and road transport which contains the duty emissions testing of motor vehicle exhaust. The main parameters are CO2, CO and hydrocarbons (HC).

  • That figure does not bersatuan describing ambient air quality at certain locations, based on the impact on human health, aesthetic values ​​and other living beings.
  • If ISPU value greater than or equal to 300, according to Article 26 of Regulation No 41/1999, the air in the category of danger, therefore Men LH will declare a state of emergency air pollution nationally, was the Governor declared a state of emergency in the region.
  • Table 3.9 menyejikan ISPU value based on Ministerial Decree No. LH Kep-45/MenLH/10/1997.

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